Consultative meeting in Kirehe1The Rwandan League for the Promotion and Defence of Human Rights (LIPRODHOR) in partnership with KANYARWANDA Association are implementing a joint project funded by Legal Aid Forum (LAF) through the Legal Aid Civil Society Fund(LACSF).

This Project named “ Do me justice- Igiti kigororwa kikiri gito- is a project that would like to focus on legal education for young children, teachers and administrators in secondary school with the purpose to prevent and stop teenage pregnancy, drogue abuse, human trafficking and gender based violence. The project will be implemented in Nyabihu and Kirehe Districts from April 2019 to January 2020.
This project is based on the findings of the research of CLADHO (2016) on unwanted pregnancy for young girls under 18 years old in 10 districts of Rwanda. By the research, pregnancy among very young adolescents is a significant problem. The study revealed that a big number of children have no knowledge on child rights and human rights principles and majority of victims didn't receive any legal support/assistance.
The main goal of this project is to increase access to justice and protection of children victims of teenage pregnancies, drug abuse, human trafficking and gender based violence.
The project provides the following activities:
 Consultative meeting with local leaders in Nyabihu and Kirehe Districts on early pregnancy and child rights”. In this meeting, we will invite local leaders and security officers including Mayor, JADF officer, MAJ, Director of education, Police officer, RIB representative and sectors representatives. These local leaders will help at sector level in the identification of victims and thereafter ensure collaboration during the investigation on pregnancy cases in their regions.
 Awareness campaign using debates on new laws protecting child rights. A module of topic for debate and a format of cases documentation will be elaborated. After debates, the JRLOS committee organize legal clinics to advise and give legal assistance to the cases identified.
 Screening: The coordination of the project will organize field visit to the cases reported out of schools.
 Legal assistance and representation. The project provides a fully legal representation of the victim by submitting claims of reparations and damages caused to the victims of early pregnancy immediately at the end of sentences.
 Social protection support of vulnerable beneficiaries. The project provides a support of vulnerable beneficiaries.
At the end of the project we expect to have:
 Increased awareness of children, teachers and administrators of secondary schools on laws protecting child rights and improved understanding of their fundamental rights;
 •Suspected cases of child abuse are reported to the relevant authorities
 • Human rights clubs will be created, operating and report to the existing case management team at the sector level
 •Cases of fully legal aid provided to at least 28 victims of child abuse
 • 14 cases of Children drop out after teenage pregnancy receive basic financial support to be reintegrated in the community
LIPRODHOR and KANYARWANDA are all members of Legal Aid Forum. The Legal Aid Forum (LAF) is a national civil society network of legal aid service providers, comprising of 37 organisations. Our membership ranges from national and international NGOs, trade unions, faith-based associations, professional bodies to University legal aid clinics, all working towards improving access to justice, legal aid and Human rights education in Rwanda.